How to clean a jacket folk remedies from dirt and grease

A jacket is a wardrobe item that cannot be washed in the usual way. The product may lose color, shape, change in size. To save yourself from the costs of dry cleaning services and not to spoil the thing, you can clean the jacket at home with the help of proven folk remedies. And you need to start with the preparation.

Folk remedies against dirt and greasy places

There are many proven tools that for many years help to care for delicate wardrobe items.

Soap and water solution

You will need a mixing tank, liquid soap and tap water. The two ingredients are mixed to obtain a solution with a rich foam. The tool is applied with a brush or sponge on contaminated sites.

Water and vinegar

Table 9% vinegar mixed with running water in equal shares. The resulting composition is applied to greasy places with a cotton swab. Do not pay attention to the sharp vinegar odor, after airing it will disappear without a trace.

Fresh potatoes

Take the potato peeled and cut in half. Rub the dirty areas with a half and hold for 15 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth.

Aqueous solution of ammonia

Mix one tablespoon of salmon with a liter of warm water. Clean the filthy items.

The whole jacket can be cleaned by spraying a mixture of water with ammonia and glycerin with a spray bottle. To obtain the cleaning composition will require a liter of warm water, 50-60 ml of ammonia and 9-10 ml of glycerin. After applying the solution, the fabric is brushed and steamed.

Special products for home dry cleaning

To clean the jacket yourself, you can use household chemicals. Before buying, look at the label on the jacket and make sure that dry cleaning is allowed.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of cleaning products:

  • Dry powders.
  • Sprayable liquids.
  • Hard pencils.
  • Foam.

With the help of household chemicals, you can get rid of individual stains or clean the thing completely.

Features of cleaning costumes from different materials

When cleaning should take into account the characteristics of the fabric.


Jacket made of genuine leather can not be cleaned with acetone, gasoline and other aggressive means. The best care option is Vaseline oil. You can use a mixture of water and liquid soap.


Suede requires separate care. The product is cleaned with a specially designed brush by placing it over the steam. Dried under natural conditions.


Wool and wool blend jackets should be brushed with care. With improper care, it can deform, decrease in size, lose its presentable appearance, acquire unnecessary shine and be covered with pellets. To open the fabric fibers, the wool jacket should be steamed and cleaned with a special brush.


Flax jackets without glue base can be machine washed using a delicate mode. If you need dry cleaning, it is better to use an aqueous solution of ammonia or soap.


Synthetic fabric can be cleaned in any way. Carefully read the memo on the label - some types of synthetics can not be steamed.

Some washing tips

Wash jacket is not desirable. Most products are made using adhesive backing. The flizelin which has been in water, lags behind fabric, the surface begins to bubble and loses appearance.

If the jacket is dirty, and, care recommendations do not prohibit machine wash, remember the following points.

  • Wash with unbuttoned buttons and zippers.
  • Before loading into the washing machine, place the product in the wash bag.
  • As a detergent, use only delicate liquid shampoos and powders.
  • Wash mode choose sparing.
  • The water temperature during the wash should not exceed 30 - 40 degrees.
  • Spin is allowed only at minimum speed.
  • Dry on a hanger, in straightened form, with buttoned buttons and locks, away from heating devices.

Daily care

To keep your jacket clean longer, you need to properly care for it.

  • Keep the thing in the closet, on a special hanger, in a case.
  • After wearing clean the dust with a clothes brush.
  • Cloth from the villi and dust particles relieve brush with a sticky layer.
  • Periodically, the product must be ventilated.

Jacket - an indispensable element of clothing, stylish and expensive. Careful attitude and proper care - the key to his long service.

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