Pancreatic Diet for Pancreas

Observing the strictest diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas is the key to successful treatment and speedy recovery. The diet of the patient consists of useful and gentle food. Alcohol, salty, spicy, fatty and fried foods have no place in it. And disregard for the recommendations of the doctor is fraught with consequences and complications.

Features of the disease

To understand what a disease is, consider the principle of a healthy organ. In the normal state, iron is involved in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Using hormones, it additionally regulates blood sugar.

When inflammation disrupts the work of the body, and enzymes leaked into the bloodstream lead to intoxication. Under normal circumstances, these enzymes are activated already in the gastrointestinal tract, but during the inflammatory process under the influence of negative factors, activation is carried out in the pancreas, as a result of which it "digests itself."

Important! The greatest danger to health is not a disease, but complications. It is about diabetes and cancer.

The list of causes provoking the development of pancreatitis and further complications is represented by the abuse of alcohol and all sorts of disruption in the gallbladder. These factors cause problems in 95% of cases.

In other cases, the occurrence of the disease is promoted by infection, abdominal trauma, stomach surgery, hormonal disorders, malfunctions in metabolic processes and heredity.

Types of Pancreatitis

To fight pancreatitis is not a waste of manpower and money, it is important to determine the type of disease. Types of pancreatitis differ in the course and subtleties of the drug effect on the gland.

  • Acute pancreatitis. Feature type in the sudden appearance and further self-healing. Often people do not recognize the problem because it resembles poisoning or frustration. If a person leads a healthy lifestyle, the likelihood of re-exacerbation is too low. With frequent eating of fatty foods and alcohol abuse, repeated exacerbations are guaranteed, as are serious consequences.
  • Chronic pancreatitis. The result of continuous exposure to alcohol and fatty foods on the gland. Often this type is caused by neglected or untreated diseases of the digestive system. Accompanied by alternating flares and lull.
  • Acute recurrent pancreatitis. It is problematic to diagnose, because it strongly resembles a sharp type. Rescues only the analysis of the period through which the symptoms reappear. If another seizure occurred within six months after the first manifestation, this indicates a recurrent form.

Symptoms of Pancreatitis

How to recognize a problem without having the appropriate knowledge? Often, pancreatitis manifests itself brightly and is accompanied by pain around the left hypochondrium. Sometimes painful sensations appear in the upper half of the abdominal cavity and affect the heart. Traditionally, pain in these areas appears after a dense meal, and standard painkillers can not help in removing the attack.

There are also indirect signs that indicate pancreatitis, but people do not always read them correctly. Therefore, I recommend giving increased attention to the information presented below.

  1. Digestive disorders. We are talking about nausea and vomiting, flatulence, hiccups, constipation and diarrhea.
  2. The rapid weight loss without a reason - a person does not engage in physical labor, does not stick to a diet, does not take other measures to combat excess kilos.
  3. Pressure jumps, body temperature deviations from the norm.

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Important! If you feel unwell, seek medical advice and try to quickly determine the cause of its occurrence. Chronic pancreatitis is often accompanied by asymptomatic periods. It is not excluded that the problem appeared long ago, but you do not know about it because of the high secrecy.

Therapy and Treatment

The key to a quick solution is timely treatment. It is extremely important to consult a doctor at the initial stage, accompanied by the appearance of the first signaling symptoms. Pancreatitis can be cured - true, but sometimes people start their health so much that even a good doctor without titanic efforts can get results.

At the initial stage of treatment follow the following scheme.

  • Hunger. It is recommended to starve for three days in order to relieve an attack or transfer the illness to the stage of remission. It is allowed to drink clean water. For other fluids, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Cold. A heating pad filled with ice or cold water helps relieve inflammation and makes you feel better. It is applied to the stomach in the area of ​​the gland.
  • Peace. When exacerbation is recommended to minimize motor activity. This helps to reduce blood flow and normalize organs.

Pain is relieved by analgesics. After normalization of the condition, the patient is prescribed frequent and divided meals, which excludes the use of spicy, salty, fried and fatty foods.

With further treatment of pancreatitis appropriate enzyme containing drugs that provide the body invaluable support. Festal helps to reduce acidity, Pancreatin activates the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and vitamins strengthen the body.

Important! Independent fight against pancreatitis is unacceptable, because the wrong choice of drugs is fraught with serious consequences.

The list of possible complications includes peritonitis and necrosis. In advanced cases, often everything ends with surgery - doctors remove the destroyed fragment of the gland.

Sample menu for the week with pancreatitis

In order to treat pancreatitis successfully, it is recommended to radically reconsider the diet. Some people have a hard time getting used to the new way of eating. To facilitate the fate, I made up the menu for the week, which is advised to use as a guide. To facilitate the assimilation of the material, the information is presented in tabular form.

BreakfastLunchDinnerAfternoon teaDinner
Day 1Boiled chicken teaMilk porridge, dogrose infusionCarrot soup, boiled fish, teaBaby foodVegetable stew, boiled chicken, stewed fruit
Day 2Protein omelette, boiled fish or cottage cheese puddingCottage cheese, tea with milkVegetarian potato soup, steamed meat pattiesHard cheese, rosehip decoctionBoiled chicken, steamed meatballs, tea with milk
Day 3Cheese BiscuitsOmelet, tea, breadBuckwheat, cottage cheese, boiled zucchiniGrated appleBaked apple, oatmeal, beet salad
Day 4Boiled beef, oatmeal with milk, teaOmelette, dogrose brothVegetable soup, pasta, berry jelly, compoteCottage cheese and teaFish souffle, tea
Day 5Oatmeal, white bread, mineral water without gasCurd pudding, applesauce, teaVegetable soup, pumpkin porridge, cottage cheeseProtein omeletteMeatloaf, cottage cheese casserole, jelly
Day 6Mashed potatoes with meatballs, teaCottage cheesePotato-carrot soup, meat souffle, buckwheatA glass of yogurtFish roll
Day 7Oatmeal, meat souffle, teaCottage cheeseOatmeal soup, steam cutlets, baked appleProtein omelette, kefirCarrot puree, meatballs, tea

To make food more convenient, combine or swap the products and dishes listed in the table. This will help to diversify the menu.

Menu for exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis

In chronic pancreatitis, the acute phase alternates with a lull. In order not to cause additional harm to the body and alleviate the symptoms, it is recommended to follow the following principles of nutrition.

  1. The first two days do not eat. It is important to ensure the pancreas rest. This will help reduce edema and slow down inflammation, which will speed up the procedure of recovery of the organ.
  2. Next, divide the daily ration into 6 servings so that the pancreas is not overloaded. Do not overeat, because it is fraught with indigestion, diarrhea or fermentation, followed by flatulence.
  3. Follow the chemical composition of the diet. After the disappearance of pain, keep your daily intake of protein and carbohydrate at around 150 and 65 grams, respectively.
  4. Forget about hot and cold food. Eat only warm food. To reduce irritation of the mucous membrane, eat skipped foods. Eliminate food that accelerates the production of gastric juice.

Following these principles of nutrition, approximate the moment of onset of remission. And neglect of them is fraught with the appearance of complications.

Description of the diet "table number 5" with pancreatitis

Nutrition plays a major role in the treatment of pancreatitis. Thanks to diets that reduce the release of secretion, the pancreas returns to normal faster. And the most attention deserves the diet "table number 5", which helps reduce pain, improve digestive processes and better digestion. Consider the criteria for diet.

  • The beginning of the diet is preceded by a three-day fast. At this time, the body is at rest. As a result, the destructive effect of enzymes on the mucous membrane stops.
  • When pancreatitis consumed only warm food. The basis of the diet are protein-fortified foods. Consumption of carbohydrates and fat is minimal. It is forbidden to eat food that is saturated with coarse fiber or acids.
  • To protect the stomach and pancreas from additional damage, the products are boiled or steamed after pre-grinding.
  • Daily caloric in pancreatitis - 2000 kcal.

It is important to consume more fluids. Nutritionists recommend a day to drink up to 2 liters of water. The best solution is mineralized drink.

I note that the diet "table number 5" has several options that are used depending on the type of disease.

  1. Acute pancreatitis. The "a" option is appropriate. The basis of nutrition is liquid or pureed food. Secretion enhancing products are strictly prohibited. The amount of salt consumed per day is limited to 10 grams, and the total caloric content of products at the level of 1700 kcal. Eat in small portions every 3 hours during the week.
  2. Chronic pancreatitis. Here comes option "b" to the rescue. It provides for the removal of broths and broths that stimulate secretion from the diet. Daily caloric content - 2700 kcal. Food is served on the table in a grated form.

Diet "№5" - the result of numerous observations and research. Proper nutrition at home provides the body with the necessary substances for the body to work without harm to the pancreas.

What not for pancreatitis

When pancreatitis recommended cautious and proper nutrition, because many products cause exacerbation. Some people find it difficult to change their diet, but without this it is impossible to heal. Consider by category products that are better not to use for pancreatitis.

  • Meat. It is undesirable to eat fatty and smoked meat dishes, rich broths, because they are hard to digest. Gastroenterologists prohibit eating pork, dishes of duck and goose, kebabs, sausages and sausages, meatballs, stew and aspic. Red meat and offal are also prohibited.
  • A fish. Fatty fish should not be present on the table of a person suffering from pancreatitis, be it catfish, mackerel, trout or salmon. Canned food, caviar and pickles are also included in the category of banned fish products.
  • Fruits. With pancreatitis, even some fruits do not benefit the body. These include avocados, grapes, dates, cranberries and figs. Undesirable dried apricots. It has a lot of sugar, for the digestion of which you need insulin produced by the gland.
  • Vegetables. The benefits of products from this category have been proven several times, but some of them with pancreatitis can worsen the condition. Doctors advise for the time being to give up cabbage, onions, radish, spinach, bell pepper, horseradish, radish and sorrel. Nutritionists include cucumbers and tomatoes in this category, referring to the high sensitivity of the body to these vegetables. Legumes that activate fermentation are also contraindicated.
  • Mushrooms. They create a huge load on the gland, so when pancreatitis it is forbidden to use mushrooms boiled, fried or salted. Banned and mushroom broths.
  • Canned food. Pancreatitis prohibits any pickled or canned vegetables, especially if vinegar was used in their preparation.
  • Cereals and bread. During exacerbation of prohibited fresh bread, buns and other pastries. It is recommended to replace them with galetny cookies, breadcrumbs or yesterday's bread. Banned corn and wheat porridge.
  • The drinks. Pancreatitis and alcohol are incompatible things, so it’s not worth talking about a ban on drinking alcohol. As for the other drink, the prohibition category includes kvass, coffee and cocoa, fat milk, tea and soda.
  • Sweets. It is regrettable, but in case of pancreatitis it is forbidden to eat foods saturated with carbohydrates and fats. From chocolate, ice cream, cakes, cakes and creams with glazed curds should be abandoned. Confectionery includes trans fats that harm even a healthy body.

The key to a quick recovery is to stop using foods that intensify or support the inflammatory process, irritate the glandular mucosa. It is not easy to make such a step, but it is worth it.

Watch the video: Eating Healthy with Pancreatitis (January 2020).

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