How to cook carp in the oven

Carp is a freshwater fish whose meat contains many vitamins, for example: E, B1, AT3, C, B6, AT9, A, b12, C, PP, as well as micro and macro elements. It has a positive effect on the nervous system and the digestive tract, helps regulate blood sugar, improves skin condition. Most importantly, properly and tasty cook carp at home.

Useful tips

Choosing dishes

To avoid any problems during baking, you need to choose the right dishes for cooking. The material directly affects the result of your efforts. For roasting fish in the oven is best suited cast-iron or ceramic dishes. It perfectly keeps the temperature and slowly gives off heat to the product that is being cooked in it. It is not recommended to bake in thin-walled dishes.

How to choose the right fish

Carp should not have an unpleasant smell, be with the gills of pink or reddish color. Pay attention to the eyes: in fresh fish, they are convex and always transparent. Buy only fresh, chilled carcass. If you cook carp ice cream, the meat will turn out loose and dry. When frozen, the tissue juice turns into ice, which leads to the destruction of the natural structure of the fibers, and thawing is fraught with its loss, which will make the dish less juicy.

How to carve fish

Remove the scales and gut the carp. The cutting process is as follows:

  • Wash fresh fish with cold water.
  • Pour with boiling water, and then lower the carcass into cold water. Such a temperature difference will facilitate the cleaning of the fish.
  • Just hold the knife against the growth of scales and it is easily removed.
  • Cut the dorsal fin, eyes. Spice open the abdomen and gently clean the insides.
  • Remove the gills to avoid the unnatural bitterness of the dish.
  • Rinse well with cold water again.

Enjoy your meal!

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