How to get rid of stretch marks. Oil from stretch marks after childbirth

In the article I will tell you how to remove stretch marks at home. They appear on the skin during pregnancy, although people suffering from obesity face them.

The causes of stretch marks

Before telling you how to get rid of stretch marks quickly and permanently, consider the reasons for their appearance.

  • Body growth. In adolescents, the body develops rapidly, and muscles grow more slowly than bones. As a result, the skin is torn and self-stitching.
  • Pregnancy. Progesterone, which changes the protein composition of connective tissues, actively enters the body during pregnancy. As a result, the skin becomes brittle and fragile, and the abdomen and chest are stretched.
  • Heredity. Streamers are not inherited. We are talking about skin with poor elasticity.
  • Malnutrition. The lack of protein in the body - one of the reasons for the appearance of stretch marks. Protein is a building material for elastin and collagen. Therefore, it is recommended to constantly eat protein foods.
  • Quick gain or weight loss. The technique of fast weight loss helps to lose extra kilos in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the stretched skin, losing volumes, becomes covered with cracks. As for speed gaining weight, in this case, the fat is deposited under the skin, which does not have time to pull up.
  • Dehydration. The skin of a person who consumes little liquid dries from the inside. The lack of moisture in the body can not even fill the moisturizer. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, and stretch marks appear even from squats.

Completely get rid of stretch marks is impossible, but really reduce their number and size. As a result, the skin will not be perfect again, but will look better.

6 proven funds

To remove stretch marks at home, it is recommended to use elementary techniques, improvised means and methods of traditional medicine. This helps to achieve results at minimum cost, without risk to health, because the means are natural.

  1. Daily massage. During this simple procedure, massage the problem areas using homemade or purchased cream, special oils.
  2. Healing baths. Helps to remove stretch marks, get rid of extra pounds and reduce the volume. Dissolve in warm water one packet of baking soda and sea salt and soak in the bath for 15 minutes. If these tools are not on hand, replace with 500 grams of starch and a few drops of aromatic oil.
  3. Shower. During the water treatment, direct the water jet to problem points and make circular motions. A jet of water under pressure breaks down the aesthetic deficiencies of the skin, improves blood circulation.
  4. Coffee scrub. To make a hundred grams of ground coffee, pour boiling water over to make a thick gruel. After a quarter of an hour, add a spoonful of vegetable oil and five drops of essential oil to the coffee mixture, apply to the skin.
  5. Sugar salt scrub. To prepare half a cup of any vegetable oil, mix with a glass of salt and the same amount of sugar. After mixing during the shower with this tool, massage the problem areas.
  6. Mummy cream. Five grams of mummy dissolve in a spoonful of water, mix with 80 grams of baby cream and mix. Rub the tool into the problem points once a day. Keep the cream in the fridge.

As you can see, the folk technique of dealing with stretch marks is simple and straightforward. It does not provide for the use of abstruse or costly funds. If there is no desire or time to prepare medicines, buy a special cream at the pharmacy. I recommend choosing a cream, which include vitamin E, onion extract or algae.

Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks after childbirth?

If stretching has appeared on the body after the birth, it does not mean that the time has come to wear the veil. Study effective techniques or look at effective skin care methods. As practice shows, to solve this aesthetic problem is real.

While carrying a baby, the abdomen along with other parts of the body increases in volume. Since the skin in such conditions does not use elastic qualities, small gaps are formed. Stretch marks also appear after childbirth due to the fact that body volume, as well as overweight, goes away.

Medicine has achieved results in terms of solving this aesthetic problem. There are techniques that allow you to get rid of scars quickly and safely for health. The success of the started treatment is considered to be the key to success, since the old stretch marks are more difficult to remove due to the formed connective tissue.

The basis of traditional medicine is the long-term experience of grandmothers. The advantage of popular recipes is the use of natural ingredients. The fight against stretch marks after childbirth folk remedies is as effective as in the case of professional techniques. This requires free time and an integrated approach. Here is a list of effective folk techniques:

  • Aloe lotion. To prepare ten drops of vitamin "E", mix with six drops of vitamin "A", 0.5 cups of aloe juice and the same amount of olive oil. Apply the lotion to the problem area in the morning and evening. Keep the product in a cool place and warm it up before use.
  • Scrub. On the Internet, a large number of recipes for homemade means of scrub, but not all of them boast of efficiency. I think the best is a remedy made from a glass of salt, the same amount of sugar and a spoonful of palm oil. Use the composition to treat damaged skin with the exception of the breast, because the skin is tender here.
  • Ice rubs. Rid of stretch marks on the chest. Ice making involves the use of salt water. Spoon of salt dissolve in a glass of boiling water and cool. Fill the mold with the solution and send to the fridge. Wipe your breasts with ice twice a day. The use of ice salt will help to activate the regenerative processes in the skin and improve blood flow.
  • Healing baths. According to the reviews of women, the salt bath is the most effective in this issue. Fill the bath with water, add a kilogram of sea salt and lie in the water for 20 minutes. Then take a shower.

All held moms are interested in ways to get rid of postpartum stretch marks. They are mistaken using one method, because for an effective and quick solution of the problem a comprehensive approach is required. To get a positive and fast result, it is recommended to expose the body to physical exertion and eat right. In the diet does not hurt to enter vitamins and active substances that contribute to the restoration of damaged skin.

Does the oil help?

While searching for effective ways to fight, women are asked whether oil is effective against stretch marks. As practice shows, with the help of various oils, you can prevent the appearance of defects or quickly eliminate them at home.

The oil technique is ineffective in the case of deep and old stretch marks. But even in such a situation, do not be discouraged, because the possibilities of cosmetology tend forward with sweeping steps. A cosmetologist will help where traditional medicine is powerless.

We will talk about the use of oils. Continuity with regularity is the key to success. Agree, one carrying out procedure is not able to provide result. That is why oils are recommended to be used daily.

  1. Orange oil. Highly effective tool that is recommended for use during massage after water treatments. Massage with a special brush or canvas mitten three times a week for three months.
  2. Wheatgrass oil. It is characterized by a thick texture and a large amount of vitamin "E". It is absorbed a little longer than other oils, but provides an excellent effect, especially in combination with massage.
  3. Almond oil. Source of vitamin "E". It is considered the most effective remedy against stretch marks. Instantly absorbed by the skin and does not leave greasy marks.
  4. Rosemary oil. Mix seven drops of oil with a spoon of almond oil. The resulting mixture daily rub the problem areas.
  5. Hazelnut oil. Saturated with vitamin "E", which so much damaged skin needs. Some beauties use it separately, while others make a scrub based on hazelnut oil. In any case, provides an excellent effect.

Video review on getting rid of stretch marks after childbirth

The use of these oils helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, improve their appearance, if they appear. The use of funds is best combined with massage, wraps and compresses.

How to avoid stretch marks

The topic of the final part of the article will be the prevention of stretch marks. The action plan that I share is painfully simple. If you consistently adhere to these rules, it is easy to minimize the appearance of skin lesions.

Lead an active life. Run regularly, jump, swim, go to the gym, ski, do exercises in the morning and walk a lot.

Constantly massage the abdomen. To increase the elasticity and elasticity of the abdominal skin, massage daily with the use of oil or cream. Cope with the task yourself without outside help.

Do not disregard the diet. The diet should contain protein along with fruits and vegetables. As for sweet and flour dishes, be it biscuit or sausage from cookies, eat in moderation or exclude from food.

Water balance plays a special role. Per day it is recommended to drink up to two liters of water. This will help prevent the appearance of stretch marks, reduce their visibility, smooth wrinkles and lose weight.

Control body weight. If there are signs of completeness, the fight against overweight will start immediately.

Pay attention to the body and during pregnancy. Daily do the massage described above, use supporting linen from natural material. Increase the effect will help the use of moisturizers with elastin and collagen.


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