How often to change cars

With the purchase of a new car comes confidence that the car will serve for a long time and without problems. Some people use the car for one, two, even 10 years. Such a wide and contrasting variety of indicators does not always depend on the make and quality of the car. Most cases of changing the car arise because of the specificity of the driver of the vehicle.

How often do I need to change a car? This question cannot be answered unambiguously, the frequency of changing cars depends on many aspects, both subordinate to us and not. Giving advice makes no sense, each uses a different car. We define only some moments.

Car operating conditions

Pay attention to the operating conditions of the machine - the frequency and duration of trips, transportation of goods, weather conditions, road conditions.

Researchers estimate that Americans are the most durable car owners. The average service life of equipment in the hands of one owner is more than five years. In Russia, cars change on average once every three years.

Such a contrast is connected with the fact that in the USA most of the roads have concrete pavement, asphalt is practically not used. The quality of roads increases, they do not understand on the rubble, which scratches the bottom, contributes to the rapid wear of tires and damages the elements of the car. Wear parts - this is the first reason to think about buying a new car.


The next factor is the purpose of using the machine. If you bought a family car and used it in order to get to work and home, and on weekends we planned to go on holidays with your family, the car will last a long time in technical terms. Experts advise to change the family car in 5-6 years, without fear for safety and condition.

If professional activity or personal circumstances contributed to a more aggressive operation of the vehicle, for example, in a taxi, it is better to sell the car in 2 years.

The duration of stay in the same hands of a vehicle used to travel on intercity or international routes is 3-4 years. It will seem strange to many that a taxi car that worked on city roads and, most likely, gained less mileage, should serve less, but it is.

Yes, there may be more visual damage and chips on the highway, but the engine, braking system, steering wears out faster in urban conditions when driving with traffic lights, constantly changing speed, driving behavior and traffic jams.

If the economic factor is preferable and the priority task is not to lose in the cost of the vehicle when selling, change the car every 6-10 months. Where did this figure come from? During this period, the new car will lose less in value and in the ad you will be able to indicate that the car is fresh and coincides with the year of purchase.

Thanks to this psychological technique, you can ride on a new car, selling it for the illusion of a new vehicle.

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