How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment of popular and purchased means

Cockroaches are disgusting insects, which are very difficult to get rid of in the apartment once and for all. It is a mistake to suppose that cockroaches appear only in old houses, because these unpleasant gentlemen have been noticed more than once in new buildings.

Red cockroaches

The most common species in our country. Red cockroaches or Prusaks live everywhere from multi-storey houses to cottages. They even adapted to spend the winter in unheated rooms.

In terms of body structure and feeding habits, the Prussians are similar to black ones. A distinctive feature - red rams much smarter. If blacks eat only readily available food, then the Prussians are able to penetrate even into closed containers with food. Prusaks accurately control the population in the chosen and inhabited territory, create colonies with hierarchy, and multiply rapidly.

American cockroaches

More recently, did not live in the homes of our compatriots. But, since they were started up as pets, the population of uncontrolled American cockroaches in our country has increased significantly.

American cockroaches are larger than black and red, and reach 4 centimeters in length. A distinctive feature of the species is the ability to defend itself at danger through the release of an aromatic liquid. These cockroaches stink unpleasantly. Smell can cause allergic reactions in humans.

American cockroaches are omnivores. Quickly adaptable, fast, almost imperceptible. In case of danger, they attack even small pets. Bites can cause a number of infectious diseases, since the oral cavity is infested with pathogens.

White cockroaches

White cockroaches or albinos are a species that occurred after mutations of black and red cockroaches. In size and taste preferences do not differ from their counterparts. Cockroaches, unlike rats, cannot transmit information to each other and warn of danger.

Problems from cockroaches

Most do not tolerate cockroaches in appearance. Nimble little bugs that quickly move through your things do not cause emotion. They carry a variety of bacteria.

The main disadvantage of living with cockroaches is the great difficulty of getting rid of them.

These insects migrate from one apartment to another. Cockroaches can move with you from an old apartment to a new one and settle in the kitchen.

There is no guarantee that you will get rid of cockroaches once and for all. Firstly, they can cross again from neighboring apartments, secondly, the female can have time to set aside the larvae, of which six months later adult individuals will appear. It is difficult to get rid of them and because of the high resistance to physical stress.

Professional remedies for cockroaches

Today there are many ways to fight cockroaches. Some are modern, diligently advertised, others are old-fashioned grandmothers.

There are several of the most common and effective ways to combat domestic cockroaches.


The method is based on a simple principle. A trap is a small container into which poison is placed. Insect eats bait and returns to relatives, infecting them. The trap is glued with velcro to a place where cockroaches are often visible.

Time to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment with traps is about seven days. According to statistics, buy proven and advertised brand traps - "Raptor", "Raid", "Combat".


Special gels help to cope with undesirable neighborhood. These funds are considered to be the most effective. The result of the action is noticeable after five days. Using the gel is simple, but only if you do not have small children or pets.

Gel spread throughout the apartment. It is more convenient to do it around the perimeter of the plinth. So you will cover the entire area of ​​the apartment and make a drop of funds not visible and easily accessible.

Try to apply the gel pointwise, so that the distance between the points does not exceed 10 cm. Raptor, Liquidator, Killer, Dohlox gels have earned an excellent reputation. Before buying it is not superfluous to visit the manufacturer’s website and clarify information


Used and aerosols to fight cockroaches in apartments. Application: spray in places of the greatest accumulation of insects. Disadvantage: aerosols destroy only those individuals on which they fall. This explains the low efficiency. Using sprays to get rid of cockroaches once and for all is very difficult. Manufacturers "Bion" and "Raid" have gained popularity.


Crayons are not inferior to the first two methods. It is easy to use - once a week to carry out small around the perimeter of the apartment. Crayons invented gels before and many consider them to be an outdated method. Since cockroaches can not transmit information to their relatives and do not have a genetic memory, small working method of disposal.

Difference from gels - time to achieve results. If the gels give the result in less than a week, the crayons will need a month. Known tools brands "Masha" and "Titanic".

Damage to purchase

An important aspect that must be considered when using a purchaser in the fight against cockroaches is the ability of insects to get used to. Using the same tool for a long time is not desirable, it will lose effectiveness.
  • Shopping facilities are very dangerous for humans and pets, including dogs, cats, and can be harmful to health.
  • Professional preparations in apartments can leave an unpleasant smell. This is especially true for Karbofos and Dichlorvos.
  • When spraying, aerosols release dangerous vapors that may adversely affect immunity.
  • Gels and crayons are dangerous for small children and pets.

Folk means of dealing with cockroaches

If you are afraid to harm your beloved pets, you can use folk remedies. The most popular remedy is boric acid.

Boric acid is a potent poison not only for black and red cockroaches, but also for bedbugs, fleas, and lice. The effect depends on the dose. The method is based on the natural characteristics of insects. They may be without food for a long time, but the lack of water is destructive for them.

Video proven method

How to deal with boric acid cockroaches

Buy boric acid in powder form. Sprinkle powder in all wet places. Near sinks, toilet, bathroom, shower. Boric acid will evaporate the liquid and cockroaches will not survive.

In addition to wet places, add boric acid to places hard to reach for animals and children. Do not disregard the place where debris is stored and other places where insects are noticed.

The amount of boric acid is purely individual and depends on the dimensions of the dwelling. The main thing is not to regret. Do not worry, the acid is not dangerous for you or for pets.

On the basis of boric acid do another effective tool:

  1. Mix raw egg yolk with boric acid powder. It turns out gruel.
  2. Roll small balls of gruel and let them dry for a bit.
  3. Balls scatter around the apartment.

This tool is safe and can be laid out on bookshelves, desks, window sills, baseboards and other places.

The effectiveness of the balls exceeds boric acid in its pure form. Due to natural curiosity, insects approach them with great interest, and after touching the ball, they immediately die.

The result of using balls reaches its peak on the twentieth day.

Ammonia, beer, arsenic

Ammonia. Rinse the floors in the apartment with water and ammonia. The method will only scare away insects, so it is used in combination with more effective means.

Beer. Pour beer into a small bowl. The edges must lubricate with petroleum jelly. Leave overnight in your favorite cockroach place. In the morning you will have a full bowl of insects. The method is completely safe for home residents.

Arsenic. Mix arsenic with powdered sugar and sprinkle the insects. The method is very dangerous, but cockroaches will not survive. After the deadly powder has lain in the house for several days, do a thorough wet cleaning. Suitable if there are no children or pets in the house.

We cause disinsector

If the listed methods did not help, you can ask for help from special services. Professional pest control will save your home from unwanted insects and guarantee a positive result of work.

A huge plus of such enterprises is that they destroy not only cockroaches, but also viruses, bacteria that are in the apartment.

After the destruction of insects, do not forget about maintaining cleanliness in your own home. Cockroaches and a clean house are completely incompatible concepts.

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