Street Fashion 2015

Street fashion is not the last position in the industry. Design ideas and novelties of street fashion 2015 have a lot of fans.

Winter street fashion

The clothes that are shown on world catwalks are original. But only some evening dresses from fashion designers are found at parties. Not surprisingly, since famous brand things are too expensive and irrelevant on city streets. The street direction lives by its own rules and adapts to a wide range of buyers of the novelties shown on the podiums. This fashion sets the mood and tone for simple fashionistas.

  1. Coat. You can not do without warm outerwear in winter. The broad masses from the catwalks overturned products of direct cut, made in the men's style with short sleeves and unexpected colors.
  2. Jackets. Thanks to the assortment of winter jackets, it is easy to update your wardrobe. If it's cold outside, get out of the house, dressed in a fur jacket. For warm weather, a jacket made of denim or genuine leather is suitable.
  3. Jeans. The basic thing in the winter wardrobe of women. Winter models are no different from last year's tight jeans with decor.
  4. Skirts. If you see a winter look sophisticated and feminine, pay attention to a fluffy skirt of medium length. If it is warm outside, a short insulated skirt is what you need.
  5. Knitwear Hats, sweaters, cardigans, scarves and ponchos will warm you in cold weather and create a unique style.
  6. Fur. Street fashion recommends combining fur products in bright colors with evening wear or sportswear. Looks great.

Spring street fashion

Spring is coming and women are thinking about fashionable spring clothes.

  • Dress shirt. It is combined with sporty style and bohemian styling. Wear a dress with sneakers and a sweater.
  • High boots. Walking option shoes. Looks great and optimistic image of a black dress, boots and handbags.
  • Sport style. The most popular shoes of the season are sneakers. They complement the tandem of checkered skirts and golf.
  • Two handbags. The chip of the season. A practical and convenient approach to creating a spring image.
  • Shorts black and white. A challenging and original thing that looks like a team of leather jackets, Cossack boots and a leather bag.
  • A loose-fitting check coat. In fashion and quilted pattern.
  • Shirts. To create a stylish look, buy a classic fashionable blouse, narrow jeans, ballet flats and a big handbag.
  • Monochrome It is not prohibited to dilute the accent element. Blue color is combined with a yellow shade.
  • Short shorts. Complement the blouses, dressing jackets, jackets and Cossack boots. Finishes the image sleek hairstyle.
  • Bright children's details. Classic jumpers together with short skirts create a chic image for a party.
  • Guipure dress. In past seasons, it was considered an integral attribute of the evening image. This season it is recommended to wear it every day with a large bag and lace-up sandals.
  • Jackets. Leather sleeves and a patterned blouse will add leather sleeves. The stylish street look will be completed by a beautiful decoration on the head and a bright bag.

Street fashion is multifaceted. Manipulation and proper selection helps to change the spring image. The main thing is clothes of various colors and styles.

Street fashion in summer

Photo journalists attending fashion shows, try to capture the spectacular, exclusive and vibrant outfits shown by fashion trendsetters.

I offer several recent trends presented during the shows in London, Paris, Milan.

  1. Fashion strip. In the summer, horizontal and vertical stripes on long trousers, dresses, blouses and tops are popular. Such clothing lengthens the legs and accentuates a certain place.
  2. Dress and sneakers. Combining sports shoes and feminine outfit, get a good mix.
  3. Jeans boyfriends. Tight jeans have lost ground, passing comfortable and loose items to the top of fashion that do not require beautiful legs and special shoes.
  4. Overseas. Fashion designers have prepared coats, trench coats and oversized blouses. Free, dimensionless clothing does not hamper movement and adds comfort.
  5. Wide pants. Long, cropped, rolled up products and pants free cut. A remarkable addition to the pants is considered a short top and a jacket with a narrow waist.
  6. Fringe. Something romantic and feminine can be traced in fringe ornaments. Decorated with fringe dresses, skirts, shoes and shawls.
  7. Fashionable small print. The decoration of many outfits demonstrated on the catwalks. Present on light dresses, skirts, shoes. Retained the position and small peas, which is popular for several seasons.
  8. Pleated skirt. In the fashion ranks, pleating has appeared recently, but quickly became a favorite of designers and fashionistas.
  9. Bright colours. Fashion lawmakers tried to impose a limited color palette on women, but without success. Girls wear colors that they like. Clothes and choose muted tones and bright colors.
  10. Fashionable cell. Designers prepared plaid clothing for the season: suits, skirts. This proves that the classic is a worthy competitor to modern fashion.
  11. Court shoes. Sexy and beautiful shoes that should be present in the arsenal of fashionable women.
  12. Translucent outfits. Slowly climb to the crest of fashion. Remember the framework of decency. Wear beautiful underwear under a translucent blouse.
  13. Hats. Baseball caps, caps and hats. Stylists recommend to stay on the latest version, because the hat is an accessory that protects hair and skin from the sun.
  14. High outsole. Designers have prepared a lot of models of moccasins, shoes and sandals with high soles. Comfortable shoes retracts the silhouette and lengthens the legs.
  15. Trousers flared. In the trend flared from the knee and from the hip.

Street fashion intertwined with designer, borrowing the best trends. Collections demonstrate masterpieces that resonate in street style.

Street fashion in autumn

Fashion designers pay much attention to traditional shows and street direction. World podiums show trends and ideas. Only some things become a hit of the season, and other clothes remain on the pages of glossy magazines.

Street fashion is a free style that refuses to obey someone, it is difficult to predict it. A striking girl dressed in a flawless coat and tied with a bright belt, which does not fit into the image, is considered to be a bright representative of street fashion.

It is he who attracts the views of people, and after a while this belt becomes an idea. What will please street fashion in the fall season? Does she help a woman become attractive to men?

  • Clothing size does not matter. Long coats and large coats hide figure flaws. A woman in such a dress is mysterious.
  • Light short cloaks with two vertical rows of buttons have kept their relevance. They are made of cashmere and light raincoat fabric. With such a product to become fashionable.
  • The color palette is represented by shades of red, brown and yellow, purple, lilac and azure tones. Autumn is a time for classics. The undisputed leaders are peas, stripe and cell.
  • The highlight of the fall will be fur. He is present on hats, jackets, scarves and coats.
  • Jeans - comfortable, versatile and wearable element of the wardrobe. Stylists offer models with decor and texture.
  • Casual wear provides impressive, versatile, practical and comfortable clothing.
  • In trend boyfriend jeans with low inguinal zone and waist. Some models have cuts and abrasions, and some were left without decor.
  • Fashionable colors a bit: glamor, indigo and grunge. In the fall in fashion jeans length to the ankle. It looks stylish and sexy.
  • Landing is determined by the level of the belt. Average landing is universal. In these jeans, comfortable while moving and when you sit.

Street fashion decided to make happy with a variety of models of clothes. The main focus is on preserving health, because in the fall, in conditions of wet weather, it is easy to get sick. Guided by the advice, create a unique and stylish look.

Street fashion for the full

What to pay attention to, if you want to hide figure flaws? Drop complexes to the side, because street fashion for the full will not allow you to go unnoticed.

You can buy clothes that will create a discreet and modest business image. But, just the right blouse with pants and outerwear will help make the image wonderful.

  1. Pants and sweater. At the height of fashion, classic and sports sweaters and pants. If you want to hide the fullness of the legs, pay attention to the flare from the thigh. Tight top will make the shape of the figure harmonious.
  2. Grunge style. A multi-layered ensemble combining incompatible things under the folds will hide any imperfection of the figure and remove the hips, emphasizing the originality of the female image.
  3. Evening dresses. If you intend to go out, pay attention to the long dress of bright colors. The ideal solution is a product made of flowing fabric, decorated in the chest area. The belt will emphasize a waist, having made a figure harmonious.
  4. Volume suits. To distract attention from a figure to full women fashionable suits with the increased elements will help. Wear blouses with voluminous sleeves, dark breeches with wide legs.
  5. Outerwear. If you like jackets, buy a volume model with fur accents. Prefer a strict sophisticated style? A plain coat will make the image simple and concise. The main thing is to choose the right cap.
  6. Underlined waist. Many women have a tummy - a problem area. Visually hide this flaw will help clothing in the form of an hourglass.
  7. Capes and scarves. A stylish cape or a volume scarf will balance the figure with wide hips. Thanks to high-quality drapery, the product will increase the volume of the upper body, visually reducing the hips.
  8. Retro style. Clothing has a contrasting color, underlined waist and voluminous sleeves. Creates a feminine, sophisticated and elegant look.
  9. Long tunics and sweaters. Bulky-knit sweater, resembling a dress, must-hev. Such clothes warms, looks fashionable and hides figure flaws. Tunics in tandem with strict trousers create a dizzying look.

It is not difficult to fully comply with the rules of fashion, because it provides opportunities for experiments to become beautiful. Feel free to use and combine styles.

The desire of women living in large cities, self-expression was the cause of the emergence of fashion trends, which received the name street style. This style was able in the shortest possible time to flood the streets.

Street style is characterized by the absence of restrictions, rules and canons, and is suitable for walking and going to the store. Even you can go to work in such clothes if a dress code is not provided. Women who dress like this have a wonderful taste. Try to experience this style. You'll like it. Good luck!

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