How to choose a thermos

The main task of the thermos is the long-term preservation of cold or heat. In order not to purchase a fake or low-quality product, I will tell you how to choose a thermos correctly.

How to choose a thermos for tea

Thermos - a special device that keeps the temperature for a long time. Most often they store liquid foods: boiling water, compotes, soups, broths, coffee or tea. How to choose a thermos for tea? This will be further discussed.

The thermos consists of a body and a special flask. There is a vacuum between the two elements. Make flasks of metal or glass.

  1. Glass bulb. Perfectly keeps the temperature of the liquid, but is highly brittle. In most cases, such models are used at home for brewing infusions and teas.
  2. Metal flask. Lose heat a little faster. The main advantage is considered strength. If you often travel or go hiking, a thermos based on a metal flask will be the best solution.

The body in most cases is made of metal or plastic. Here aesthetic preferences come to the fore.

About a third of the heat goes through the lid. Be sure to consider this when choosing.

  1. Thermoses based on glass flasks are equipped with a stopper-plug, which is made of cork. After a certain time, such a cork wears out and starts to leak.
  2. Metal products have plastic caps that are twisted. They are distinguished by high tightness. Even when dropped, the plastic cover will not allow the fluid to leak.
  3. The best option for tea is a cap with a valve. To pour a drink, just press the key. As a result, hot tea does not lose temperature.

The volume of household thermoses for tea is 0.25-20 liters. When choosing a volume, follow your personal needs.

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By purchasing a device, you can at any time enjoy fragrant tea, which will invigorate the body and energize. You should not save on the purchase, better choose the products of famous manufacturers.

Proper selection of thermos for drinks

High-quality thermos allows you to save a lot of space in your backpack, warm in winter and quench your thirst with a pleasant liquid in the middle of summer. We can say that the thermos is a faithful companion of a person who likes an active lifestyle.

How to choose a thermos for drinks? The question is about all the people who take the path of research, discovery and travel.

  1. Pay attention to models with a valve and a metal bulb. Such a device allows you to pour liquid without removing the cover. As a result, the drink does not warm or cool.
  2. In the choice of no place carelessness and negligence. Hiking thermos should have a strong body, which is not afraid of strong blows.
  3. After a visual inspection, look inside and sniff. The quality model has no specific smell. Otherwise, the campaign will have to enjoy a drink that has an unpleasant aroma.
  4. The case of a good thermos does not change the temperature after filling with hot liquid. This property proves thermal conductivity. If the temperature of the case has increased, then the product will not be able to maintain the temperature for a long time.
  5. Before going on a hike, be sure to test the purchased version. Pour in hot liquid and leave for a quarter of an hour. If, after a while, the hull becomes warm, there is a defect in the design.
  6. When the thermos passes the first test, refill with boiling water and leave for 24 hours. Manufacturers must indicate how reduced the temperature of the liquid per day. After the time expires, you can check if the characteristics are true.

Choose a product for drinks slowly. The quality of the device determines the comfort of travel.

Tips for choosing a thermos for food

Thermos - a wonderful thing, which is useful in the campaign, at work, on a long journey. Let's talk how to choose a thermos for food and pay attention to the varieties of food models.

Food thermos - an indispensable thing working person. Sure, it will turn out to be supported in the dining room, but the quality of food is not always at the level. As for cafes that offer set meals, not everyone likes this kind of food. A hike in a decent institution flies a pretty penny. If you buy a thermos for food, you will be able to bring to work the warmth, aroma and taste of homemade food.

  1. First of all, pay attention to the ability to keep warm. On modern products it is written for food that this period of time reaches 8 hours. At the time of preservation of heat affects the integrity and type of flask.
  2. Flasks are made of metal or glass. Both options keep warm well.
  3. Food thermoses, which are equipped with a compact vessel and a plastic insert, retain heat for 4 hours due to poor tightness.
  4. If you like hot soups, pay attention to the models, which are based on an all-metal flask. In some cases, they are completed with containers and sudok.
  5. Variants without containers are usually available in 0.5 liters. For an adult, such a product is not suitable. For a child just right.
  6. All-metal thermos with sumps has a bulb in which containers are placed one on another. The undoubted advantage is the long-term preservation of heat.

How to choose a good thermos for fishing

As practice shows, reinsurance in the question is not worth it. If you go fishing for pike or carp alone, there is no point in buying a large product. As a result, the question arises: how to choose a thermos for fishing, so that it matches the needs?

The choice comes down to the main characteristics - volume, material, width of the neck and tube. Consider in more detail each item.

  1. Volume. Capacity directly affects the ability to keep warm for a long time. My friends use a 1.5-liter thermos, because: they fish alone, the average fishing time does not exceed 6 hours, the product is compact and does not take up much space in a backpack. If the characteristics of your fishing are similar, listen to the advice. Otherwise, buy a bulk thermos.
  2. Bulb material. Flasks are made of metal or glass. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the flask from glass is fragile, and the metal can be depressurized.
  3. Neck width. A great option for fishing is a 1.5-liter stainless steel thermos with a wide neck and double stopper. To collect hot tea a small stopper is taken out, and for washing it is a big one. The wide neck version is more convenient, but the contents cool down much faster and problems with tightness may occur over time.
  4. Key cap. Many people like such products - it is convenient and beautiful. However, the cork has a complex structure and can fail.
  5. Swirl caps. Differ in high reliability as they are supplied with the isolating laying.
  6. Corkwood. If the cork is made of quality material, it will last a long time. Otherwise it will become a headache.

I hope I managed to answer the question of how to choose a thermos for fishing. Do not forget about your needs and tastes. If they differ from the considered tips, make changes to the selection algorithm.

How to choose a stainless steel thermos

Travelers are people who leave home as soon as possible in search of discoveries and adventures. In a difficult matter helps them high-quality thermos.

Why do I need a thermos? It is useful at work, on a trip and forays into nature. Lovers of tourism should thank the Scottish physicist James Dewar. He developed a vacuum flask and a method for storing rarefied air. After some time, this idea found support among German developers who founded the company "Thermos". Products of this brand is very relevant in our time.

The most popular models are stainless steel thermoses, which perfectly maintain the temperature of the liquid and are suitable for hiking conditions.

Let's talk about the technique of choosing models of stainless steel.

  1. While traveling on uneven terrain, there are falls and unforeseen situations. The product from a stainless flask will please with high durability and enviable durability.
  2. An important point in the selection is the case material. It is better to choose a metal shell. The reasons are the same. Metal in any case more reliable and stronger glass.

Stainless steel thermoses have a disadvantage - if you pour liquid with herbs with a specific smell into the flask, it will not be easy to get rid of the aroma.

Now you are looking at how to choose a stainless steel thermos. You made sure that such models have many advantages, which more than cover the only drawback.

Useful tips and general recommendations

Many are constantly on the road when you can not drink hot tea or just cold water. For this reason they buy a thermos. True, the purchase does not always meet the expectations of the owners.

The quality of the product sometimes does not meet the required level. And they are not to blame, because it is not known how to choose a good thermos. They bought the first available model, which in practice turned out to be far from ideal.

  1. To determine quality, open the thermos and inspect for defects. If there are dents, cracks, scratches or chips, it is not worth buying.
  2. Do not disregard the cap and cap. These elements must be distinguished by high tightness. It is through the tube that the greatest amount of heat is lost. The simple design of the elements contributes to the excellent temperature preservation of beverages.
  3. Open the lid and sniff it. High-quality thermos has no sharp odors. The specific smell indicates the use of cheap materials in production.
  4. A sealing ring is provided between the body and the neck of the bulb. The liquid will not spill or cool down if the ring is properly fitted.
  5. Inspect the flask. If it does not falter, you can buy a thermos. Otherwise, the flask will break at the slightest blow. Some flasks are equipped with rubber shock absorbers.
  6. On the surface of the case there should be a mark of the manufacturer, according to which the thermos conforms to European standards. Check and warranty.
  7. If the packaging does not contain the address of the manufacturer and does not indicate the country of manufacture, bypass such a thermos.
  8. When buying, keep in mind that models of the same design and volume, produced by different companies, are distinguished by reliability and temperature characteristics.
  9. High cost does not indicate high quality. It is better to choose a thermos affordable, as a broken expensive option will only bring discontent.
  10. Upon returning home from the store, check the quality of the vacuum. Fill the thermos with boiling water and leave for 15-20 minutes. If the case heats up, go back and change.

If you get a defective product, do not hesitate to return it.


The history of the invention began back in 1982. At that moment, James Dewar, a famous physicist from Scotland, perfected a glass box that he created to store cold and hot substances.

The Scot made a flask from a glass container, equipping it with double walls and a narrow neck. After that, remove the air between the walls and put a thin layer of silver. So managed to save liquid hydrogen.

For economic purposes, the invention has found application only at the beginning of the XX century. Serial production was organized by a German company called Thermos.

Now you know how to choose the thermos correctly. Summing up the conversation, I note that, despite the general similarity in the characteristics of different types of thermoses, they are all different. If some are durable, the latter retain heat well. There are models that combine these qualities. I hope that my article will help to purchase a universal thermos.

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