How to choose a sofa for sleeping: children, corner, eurobook

The sofa is present in every home, apartment or office. The question of choosing a sofa for daily sleep must be approached with the utmost seriousness. The fact is that some people spend evenings on it, while others sleep every day. So, how to choose a sofa.

Tips for choosing a children's sofa

Children's sofa is a category of upholstered furniture, the manufacture of which provides only the best materials. The design must fully comply with the moving life of the child.

There are various requirements for children's models, but the main thing is safety. I will tell 8 main points when choosing, and you, using my advice, will be able to buy a child quality and safe upholstered furniture.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Decide on functionality. It can be used as a bed for daily sleep or just for games.
  2. Measure the place where the sofa will stand. These measurements are useful when choosing a layout mechanism.
  3. Like the option, be sure to check for stability. To do this, gently rock the sofa, a quality product will not tip over.
  4. Ensure that there are no bumps or rough areas on the surface. Do not buy a children's sofa with sharp corners or protrusions.
  5. Do not disregard the quality of parts made of wood. The frame must be dry. Elements of chipboard should cover harmless paint. If the bearing elements are under the upholstery, be sure to read the technical documentation.
  6. Buy a children's sofa trimmed with cotton or linen fabric. These materials are environmentally friendly and completely safe. True, natural material is quickly wiped. Tapestry is recommended as an alternative. This fabric is well washed and easy to clean.
  7. Choose the color based on the child's preferences. Note that a very bright color causes aggression and irritation. Soft pastel shade increases the space of the room and creates comfort.
  8. The transformation mechanism is chosen so that the child can lay out independently.
  9. The sofa must match the height of the child.

By following my simple instructions, you can easily buy a good couch chad that will become both a sleeping place and a playground.

Rules for choosing a corner sofa

Corner sofa - a popular type of upholstered furniture. The market offers a variety of models that differ in shape, aspect ratio, and manufacturing materials. Sofas are filled with spring blocks, polyurethane, foam rubber or quilted jacket.

If you need a folding option, buy a "French cot" or "dolphin." Do not forget to clarify whether the transformation mechanism will withstand daily use.


  1. Creating comfort and coziness.
  2. Comfortable accommodation for several people.
  3. Rational distribution of space.
  4. Saving cash.

Tips for choosing

  1. Model. Right or left. Consider the length of the sides.
  2. Style. Hi-tech, Mediterranean style, classic or modern version.
  3. Build type. Composite, cast and modular.
  4. Upholstery. Manufacturers upholstered furniture with different materials.
  5. Filler. Be sure to find out about the filler, the presence of head restraints and armrests, pillows and removable covers.

Choosing a sofa bed for sleeping

It is difficult to find a person who does not want to go home after work and lie down on your favorite sofa.

The sofa bed is an excellent interior decoration with enviable functionality. During the day, you can use it as a resting place, and at night you can transform it into an elegant bed.

The person, having appeared in furniture salon, can be puzzled. Not surprising, because it presents a variety of options. How to be? In this situation, a consultant will come to the rescue. But, if he offers only expensive models, better leave the store.

Under the normal approach, the consultant will objectively describe the models presented, tell about the transformation mechanisms, suggest the optimal mattress.

Determining the quality of the sofa

  1. Check comfort, sitting on the sofa. In some salons are allowed to even lie down. Healthy sleep depends on the level of comfort.
  2. Check the quality of the transformation mechanism by folding and unfolding. If we take into account that this procedure was done many times in the furniture store, it is easy to evaluate the operation of the mechanism and detect faults.
  3. The best option for sleeping every day - a sofa book. When unfolded, its width is comparable to the length. For such a model is not difficult to find a suitable mattress.

Only after that you can begin to choose a mattress. For a certain type of suitable their own kind of mattresses. For example, for not folding sofa it is better to use an orthopedic mattress.

Products from polyurethane is perfectly combined with all types of sofas. Due to the unique filler, such mattresses are quite rigid and retain their volume and original form for 25 years.

In combination with a high-quality mattress, the sofa bed will provide a good sleep, good mood and good health.

How to choose a eurobook sofa

Modern factories offer various models of sofas, differing in size, upholstery, the presence or absence of boxes for linen.

Thanks to the high-quality mechanism of transformation, the eurobook is easy and fast to unfold. Even a child will cope with this task.

What to look for when choosing?

  1. Upholstery. For the decoration of upholstered furniture using natural and synthetic materials. The first category is cotton, linen, leather and tapestry. Synthetics - Jacquard, flock and other materials.
  2. Filling. The highest quality sofas are considered reinforced spring blocks. Thanks to them, the product retains its shape. Plus, they provide an orthopedic effect, depending on the quality and number of springs.
  3. Frame material. Durable models are made of natural wood. Metal provides designers with ample opportunities in the realization of their fantasies. If you want to buy a sofa on the basis of a metal frame, be sure to check the quality of welding.

Finally, I add that in the choice of upholstered furniture there is no place in a hurry. The cost of the product can not be called democratic, so do not buy the first favorite option. Perhaps under the beautiful upholstery hidden significant flaws.

Check, evaluate, weigh, and only then purchase. Save on the purchase is not worth it, because you get it not for one day. In some cases it is better to overpay and get high-quality upholstered furniture.

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