Wedding anniversaries, titles, gifts by year: 0, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 years

It doesn't matter how people celebrate their wedding anniversary. The main thing is that they remember these wonderful dates. In the article I will describe the anniversary of weddings, their names by year and gifts. So you will find another reason to express each other love.

0 years - green wedding

A green wedding is celebrated every month during the first year. There are such couples who exchange greetings every week. A green wedding is the starting point for anniversaries.

Myrtle wreath - a symbol of green wedding anniversary. It symbolizes life and youth. The newly minted family has a long way to go, in which they share sorrow and joy.

Green color symbolizes the inexperience and youthfulness of the spouses. Green wedding - the beginning of family life. Transferring life, the couple moves to a mutual understanding. This is the only way to create a strong family in which respect and love reigns.

Tradition for 0 years

  1. The parents of the bride are obliged to plant a beautiful myrtle tree on her birthday, and to present it to the groom on the wedding day. This tradition is already a thing of the past. But her echoes are sometimes found at wedding ceremonies.
  2. According to ancient European traditions, a myrtle tree is an essential attribute of a wedding. During the wedding ceremony on the head of the bride should attend myrtle wreath. Nowadays in Europe costing myrtle bouquets.
  3. Since the wedding is green, the symbolism of the corresponding color should be used in the design of the event. The premises and cars that are used as part of the celebration are decorated with herbs, flowers and other greenery.

Congratulations and gifts for 0 years

On this date, a young couple congratulated on the first anniversary, the starting point of family life. They say warm and affectionate words, they wish all the best.

On a green wedding, it is customary to give flowers in the pots, indoor plants, decorative trees. Such a gift will grow and develop with the family.

Green wedding is a great date that should not be ignored. The anniversary symbolizes the beginning of family life.

5 years - wooden wedding

The fifth wedding anniversary is called a wooden wedding for a reason. The tree is a symbol of fertility, flowering and life. To this anniversary in the family should have a child.

The fifth wedding anniversary is a serious holiday. Spouses must have time to strengthen the relationship, grow a heir and build housing for the wooden wedding.

Wood - warms the house, supports the fire of mutual understanding, strengthens love. Not surprisingly, every house has woodwork. Any such creation pleases the eye and reminds of the warmth of the hearth.

Tradition for 5 years

  1. According to the Slavic custom, on the day of the wooden wedding, spouses are obliged to plant a fruit tree. As the children mature, the tree will begin to bear fruit. When grandchildren appear, it will feed the sweet fruits of all family members.
  2. Tie a planted tree with a red ribbon. This ribbon will hold the protective aura that the seedling will create around the family. You can remove it only during the celebration of the next anniversary.

Congratulations and gifts for 5 years

Family couple congratulations on the anniversary. Wishes can be expressed in words. If eloquence leaves much to be desired, resort to the use of prose or poetry.

Guests give the couple a pair of things made of wood. This is a small furniture, wooden dishes, caskets, jewelry, frames for family photos. Each wooden gift handed to the spouses testifies to the wishes of a strong, long, strong and happy life.

Spouses also exchange gifts from the tree: dishes, picture frames, souvenirs, key chains. Any such thing symbolizes loyalty and love.

Wooden wedding is an amazing anniversary. By this time, the couple have time to live together for as much as 5 years. The next five-year period will run as imperceptibly as the first, and the couple will prepare for the celebration of the tin wedding.

10 years - pewter wedding

Many believe that the main symbol of the tin wedding - tin. This is true, but pink is considered an additional symbolism.

Why did tin become the symbol of the tenth jubilee? Tin - soft metal, easy to process. It is used for soldering, fasten parts with it.

By the tenth anniversary of the relationship in the family become very strong. By this time, stability in the family reached its peak, and the couple, who were once newlyweds, created a full-fledged family.

No less traditional for the ten year anniversary and pink color. It is associated with devotion, passion and strong love. Married couples who have crossed the tin line are rarely divorced.

Tradition for 10 years

By tradition, the tenth wedding anniversary must be celebrated. It does not matter, there will be a noisy company or dinner together. The ideal option is considered a honeymoon, providing for a trip abroad, a romantic date in a restaurant or a vacation at sea.

Spouses acquire tin rings with engraved dear words on them. If you want to go for a walk, they invite colleagues and friends and go to a restaurant in a large company.

On this date, adhere to the pink theme. For example, pink dress, pink tablecloths, dishes, decorated with a sauce of this color. Even drink pink wine.

Gifts for 10 years

The husband gives his wife a chic bouquet of 10 red and 1 white roses. Red flowers symbolize love, and a white lonely rose is a symbol of hope for a happy life in the next decade.

A great option for the 10th anniversary of tin gifts. Guests give dishes, paintings, figurines, home textiles, household appliances: kettles, microwave ovens, mixers.

Leave the anniversary without attention. I appeal to men planning to surprise his wife on this day.

After the celebration, the wife, exhausted by the preparation, will go to the bedroom. Try to make her stay in this room as comfortable as possible. To do this, prepare the bed, using its rose petals. It looks beautiful and romantic.

25 years - silver wedding

Silver wedding - the date when a married couple celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of their life together. We will understand why a silver wedding has such a name.

Silver is a durable noble metal. The analogy with family life is easy to draw. In a family that has lived together for a quarter of a century, there is mutual understanding. What to say about the feelings that the couple kept for so many years.

Tradition for 25 years

  1. "First Kiss" - the main custom silver wedding. On a holiday, the spouses wake up, exchange sincere wishes and merge into a long kiss.
  2. Then follows the rite of washing. Spouses wash each other using a silver jug. In the old days to perform the ceremony, the couple went to the river. Nowadays, water can be taken from the tap. The main thing that the dishes were of silver.
  3. After three washes, the husband is obliged to wipe his face with a towel, which his wife gave him. Even here there is symbolism. Ablution allows you to become a quarter of a century younger. The second washing will allow the husband to get rid of anxiety, and the third will be a symbol of the beginning of a new life stage. The spouse washes in the same way.
  4. On this day, the couple must exchange silver rings, which are worn on the middle finger. It is recommended to celebrate a silver wedding in a place where the spouses exchanged rings of gold 25 years ago.

Gifts for 25 years

Guests not invited to the celebration, give silver jewelry, symbolizing the anniversary. The range of silver products is very rich, with the choice of a beautiful gift there will be no difficulties.

You can give a tray. The gift symbolizes wealth, love, respect and well-being. Do not disregard table silver. Silver spoons are a beautiful and relevant gift. They can engrave the names of spouses or warm words. All sorts of silver chains, rings, rings and bracelets are sold in a huge range of models.

50 years - golden wedding

A golden wedding is celebrated after 50 years of family life. The date is round, celebrating in a big way.

The symbol of the wedding is gold. Gold is heavy, malleable and chemically inert. In the wedding anniversary, gold symbolizes constancy, strength and value of marriage.

Tradition for 50 years

50 years is the most significant anniversary. His celebration is very rare, so people try to organize a grand celebration.

Invite children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This is a demonstration of the continuity of generations. Joyful children and grandchildren present at the festival, indisputable proof that life was not in vain.

Invite relatives and guests. Anniversary celebrated solemnly and magnificently. The spouses managed to live half a century together, the celebration of the anniversary is a kind of milestone, which for many can not be overcome.

Many traditions are connected with this celebration, since half a century after marriage is the door to a new period of family life.

  1. The first tradition is associated with wedding rings. Old rings are already worn out, relatives should purchase new gold rings and give to the hero of the day triumphs. It is the relatives who must do this, since it is difficult for spouses to go shopping at their age.
  2. Old rings are usually passed to children or grandchildren who intend to start a family in the near future. Together with the rings, the heroes of the day will pass on to the progeny the secrets of a lasting union.
  3. On this day, anniversaries are showered with gold coins, confetti, golden glitters and grain, symbolizing wealth and well-being.
  4. The eldest child covers the shoulders of the mother with a beautiful scarf embroidered with gold threads. To get such a thing is not easy, so it is often replaced with a shawl.
  5. On the table in front of the anniversary put two lighted golden candles. They symbolize strong love. Spouses give candles to children and wish a happy and long married life.
  6. Anniversaries golden wedding, contrary to age, perform the dance. Sounds slow melody from the youth anniversary. Guests stand in a circle and dance with burning candles in their hands.
  7. At the end of the event, the bride throws a bouquet. If he gets an unmarried girl, she will soon have a family. If a married woman catches him, she will live in marriage for at least 50 years.
  8. The final stage of the celebration of tea. Tea, you can puer, treat anniversaries. The procedure symbolizes the unity of the spouses.

Gifts for 50 years

Children present gold rings to the hero of the occasion. A wonderful gift for a golden wedding honeymoon trip - a trip to a warm country or sanatorium.

There are no specific requirements for guest gifts. You can buy an aquarium with a pair of goldfish, for example.

75 years - the crown wedding

The seventy-fifth wedding anniversary. On this day, not only children with grandchildren, but also great-grandchildren, are honored. A wonderful example for the newlyweds.

Sadly, only rare lucky people live to this holiday. If you managed to reach this milestone, you can be proud that the partner for life is chosen correctly.

People who are only planning to create a family do not even realize that the crowned anniversaries survived. The culprits of such a celebration should be respected, supported, congratulated and praised, for 75 years is a great wedding.

The organization of the wedding anniversary are engaged in close people. They have to solve a difficult task. They are obliged to arrange the table in the style of the era, when the jubilees just got married. This will allow them for a moment to be in their youth and to return to the times when they joined hearts.

Congratulations and gifts for 75 years

On this day, the anniversaries accept only pure, warm and sincere greetings. Guests and relatives say warm words, wish health and long life.

There are no certain rules on gifts for 75 years of marriage together, this is a very rare anniversary.

  1. Gifts are chosen and handed from the heart. Presents should symbolize the love that united the hearts of spouses three quarters of a century ago.
  2. A wonderful gift for a golden wedding is a beautiful cake, on the top of which two swans sit. Jubilees will cut it and distribute the guests to a small piece. The right to eat swans have only the heroes of the occasion.
  3. For the anniversary wedding you can buy crowns. They are the symbol of this anniversary and will decorate the heads of the spouses.

Many married couples dream to live to this anniversary. But only rare lucky people do it. Such a harsh mother fate.

I finish the article in which we reviewed wedding anniversaries by years from 0 to 75 years. Of course, wedding anniversaries are much more. To describe them, it takes a lot of time and effort. I decided to stay on the most outstanding dates.

There is even a century-old wedding date - 100 years of marriage. I didn’t talk about her, because only one couple could live to this celebration in the history of mankind.

I wish you all long years, good health and great success in life. I sincerely hope that my article has helped to learn something new and interesting. Celebrate your wedding anniversaries, think about the day when your fates are woven together, and rejoice with your children!

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